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  1. Apr 10,  · Reverend’s Dub King is a very good little bass, and though you can’t really attack it with contemporary techniques expecting to get the appropriate sound, what’s on offer is fundamentally good. There’s plenty of air in the tone, and this – as well as the stand-out looks – helps push it in a jangly guitar band, old school soul or.
  2. Reverberant definition: reverberating ; reechoing; resonant | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
  3. RV Samplepacks present Dub Techno Immersion, an echoic and textural foray into deep techno driven sonics. Bassy, rolling kicks and thick reverberant textures are the order of the day, with everything included coming % royalty free. Over GB of content, Dub Techno Immersion opens a 5/5(18).
  4. Reverberant definition is - tending to reverberate. How to use reverberant in a sentence.
  5. Context examples. I could hear no calls or cries—only the sound of the waves, made weirdly hollow and reverberant by the fog. (The Sea-Wolf, by Jack London) His thin lips, like the dies of a machine, stamped out phrases that cut and stung; or again, pursing caressingly about the inchoate sound they articulated, the thin lips shaped soft and velvety things, mellow phrases of glow and glory.

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